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Bonjour,Je pense m’acheter le panasonic GX1 mais j’aimerais savoir si il est préférable de prendre le zoom 14-42mm ou le nouveau 14-42 powerzoom ?merci d’avance pour votre aide

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Un pequeño detalle: es el único ingeniero que diseña sus autos todavía a mano, con lápiz y sobre una hoja de papel. Un video subido por Red Bull muestra su oficina en la base del equipo en Milton Keynes, donde tiene láminas con distintas partes de sus diseños todos hechos a mano. No parece mucho, en realidad casi parece un atraso en la era del software, pero capaz que ahí radica la clave de su éxito, que ni Rory Byrne pudo frenar este año volviendo a Ferrari.

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-Moisturizer with SPF. Absolutely, positively, Must-Have!  Remember in high altitude and on cloudy days, you can burn more than a sunny day because you are tricked into thinking your skin is safe from the sun.  Wrong!  Apply the SPF immediately each morning!  If you have a tinted moisturizer with SPF, even better! You can go sans face makeup!

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For the British posters, if you don't have the DVD's check out your local libraries. They usually have a terrific selection of films and TV series to borrow. If not, check you local rentals shops or LoveFilms. Also both Firfly ans Serentiy are quite old now. Check out Asdas, I got Serenity there for a fiver.

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Is there a video of many digital watches simultaneously going off at once?Is there a video out there in YouTube land like this? I was wondering how loud and interesting it would be to hear many digital watch alarms beeping all at once.

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