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All speed cameras are for raising taxes an illegal tax that pays for more cameras the local councils are making millions out of them, soon the condem government will privatise them there will then be one every 100 yards.

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tthank you pussbuster for the post that was really interesting wow i couldn’t imagine having one of the suckers on the bottom of my big toe that had to hurt when they walked around when it was taken out it looked like a blood filled sack different coloring then the other cyst i have seen removed this is a great find

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Celso Azevedo • 15 de Setembro de 2010 às 08:53Olá Jean, não sei o que possa ser, nunca me aconteceu isso.Será algum problema do seu alojamento (hospedagem)? Já contactou o suporte?

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- Deedee : Depuis peu, c’est une bonne blague non ? Merci Delphine. - PinkLady : Merci poulette… je sais pourquoi tu me dis ça :) Et je le prends, ton courage ! - Shazia : Mille mercis. La rencontre, je la prépare :)

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I love hearing about your kids and their growth/maturing :D Good job, Mom and Dad!And I'm cracking up about you getting awesome ideas right before bed... that might or might not be as awesome as you thought. (Only laughing at MYSELF... same scenario!)Julie

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They’re on the balcony as ‘ husband and wife ‘ ( thank you BBC ) part of the Commonwealth family ……and beyond.’ So they are. Through no fault of their own. But ours. Not only do Kate and Wills look happy – so does everyone.They could be a couple in Africa, in the Sudan, in Kosovo, in Uluru – anywhere.

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Reblogged this on and commented:One of my peers wrote this and it really hit home. I often try to force creativity upon myself and others, and it never works until I relax and make sure that I like it first. Then, afterwards, you can start to count in others’ opinions. This seems like a very simple solution, but it’s very difficult to remember when it really counts.