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I can’t imagine using the word “presently” — ever — because I may mean “soon,” but the majority of readers would think “now.” I think it’s one of those words that so few people know its true meaning that it’s best left unspoken and unwritten.

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Wow, wow and WOW! I cannot believe you did this room for $250! That is awesome. It is divine! May I please have the source for the mirrors as well? Thank you for the inspriation!

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April 27, 2012  8:41 pm by Ed Hi Lynne and welcome! I would be surprised if the ceilings are really asbestos because that sounds unlikely, but BISF houses do seem to throw up some unexpected things. Though the structure of the main house is always the same, and they were built from the same plan, it seems the details and materials used for the non-structural parts varied, probably depending on what was available.Denton is probably your man to answer your question, as I think he's in that part of Birmingham.

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I thought it was an urgent call for help saving earth, people, science, civil rights, or tangible progress demanding crowdsourcing mental collaboration. Now I have to go back to being unsure of what I am for.

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thanks again peacay for turning me on to another new site; i don't think i've seen any of these before.but they remind me of something i've noticed -- how sometimes the ones that look the most minimally modern, even abstract, are often the oldest.

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DeeDee-The end is the same though the means are different..yes, we do live in different worlds and our beliefs are different..but our destination I think is the sameCeline - Sringeri means a lot to me than just a pilgrimage..yes, I have met the Acharya many times..Lakshmi