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Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant analyses, OK?

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like it a little but you still should allow the public to choose from this look or the old look like ign they did not like the new look and they have over 1 billion views for there channel and because of the new look a lot of my Favorited videos are now not working so i like the old look better and wish youtube will address this

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pisze:Ktoś już wyżej pisał, że używał kamienia szlifierskiego w połączeniu z dyskiem i sprawowało się wyśmienicie (jedynie trochę dłużej trwało rozkręcenie do pełnych obrotów).

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The extermination camps and the industrialised killing of millions of people for economic gain made germany far worse then anything that could be thought of in the most twisted mind. Your not a person your an ecomomic commodity that eats 600 calories a day and takes six weeks to die to be recycled and replaced with another commodity. The nazis were worse my friend by far.

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Well put, sir, well put. I'll certainly make note of that.

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na ya esta solucionado..ahora tengo otro problema:S resulta que no me los sub me aparecen con letras raras..simbolos mas bien, es el sub 3, no se por que será.

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Hmm, in my case the drive side came bonded, not the NDS.I was hoping to sort it out this week in Seattle with some local bike shops – but none of them know what to do. So, back to France I go, will have to ring up Rotor. I believe they’re in Germany, so perhaps it won’t be too bad.Here’s a few more photos:I believe at this juncture I’m missing the “o-ring” that goes between the crank arm and the bottom bracket area. I have an extra cap. And of course, the nut on the crank-arm itself is questionable at this point in my opinion.Any thoughts are appreciated! In general, I’m putting this in the ‘pain in the butt’ category.

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